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Delivery form

Shipping national / international

  • Shipping with UPS or DHL
  • Shipping within EU
  • Shipping costs will be charged at expense
  • Shipping outside EU

  • Shipping costs will be charged at expense

Minimum Order Quantity

  • 100 Gramm in Rods
  • 100 Gramm on spools

Bestellungen die bis 12 Uhr bei uns eingegangen und vorrätig sind, verlassen spätestens am nächsten Tag unser Haus.

Terms of Payment

  • 14 Tage net
  • The delivered goods remain our property until full payment.
    With your order, you accept our terms of sale, which are exclusively valid unless other special written agreements exist.

laser company GmbH
Walter-Rauch-Straße 6/1
D-72622 Nürtingen

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